It was year 2012, I was 44 years old when a naked truth came to my dream. It was dark, and I was alone. As I looked at my right side, I saw a little naked baby boy Immanuel (God With Us). As he pointed up his right hand with his finger towards the sky, I looked up and saw a big word TRUTH blasted with the horrifying sound of thunderstorm. The fire of lightning was flashing out of it. Bright light surrounded it. The center of the fire looked like glowing metal and it shattered from the sky. When I saw it, I fell and bent down on my knees. with my face toward the ground. I couldn't help but to cry-out loud saying, "Lord! Lord! Lord! Please forgive me!", screaming-out with full repentance. I couldn't look up, I was scared I was going to melt.

Then the next thing I know, my spirit was already raised up and down,...up and down,...up and down,...several times.
Year of 2014, God came again in my dream. I was alone walking through a place like a mall but no one seemed to see or notice me. In other words, I was just an invisible spirit and I could even walk through a wall. I didn't see a vision of TRUTH like the first time, but I heard a voice of someone speaking....! A message from the Lord came to me, and his power came on me!

With a huge amount of strength at that moment, I realized I had this big statue or graven image. It appeared to have the shape of a human being standing on my right palm. As I was walking while talking to God, I was losing all my strength as this graven image was getting heavier and heavier until I was losing control and almost fell backwards to the ground.
The Lord Appointed Me to Speak for Him
He said to me, “My child, stand up on your feet....and listen as I speak to you.” As he spoke, the Spirit of the Lord was within me. He raised me to my feet. I heard him speaking to me.

He said, “My child, I am sending you to different nations. These nations have refused to obey me. They have turned against me. They and their people of long ago have been against me to this day. The people I am sending you to are very stubborn. Tell them, "Here is what the Lord and King says." They might listen, or they might not. After all, they refuse to obey me. But whether they listen or not, they will know that a prophet was among them. My child, do not be afraid of them or of what they say. Do not be afraid of what they do to you. Do not be terrified by them. They always refuse to obey me. You must give them my message. They might listen, or they might not. After all, they refuse to obey me. My child, listen to what I tell you. Do not be like those who refuse to obey me."

I heard Him spoke about sadness, sorrow and trouble. Then the Lord said to me, "Take what I give you. Fill yourself with the words I am giving you...then go and speak to the people of the world. Give them my message because they do not want to listen to me. They are very stubborn. But I will make you just as stubborn as they are. I will make you very brave. So do not be afraid of them. Do not let them terrify you, even though they refuse to obey me."

He continued, “My child, listen carefully. Take to heart everything I tell you. Go now to your own people. Speak to them. Tell them, ‘Here is what the Lord and King says.’ Speak to them whether they listen or not.”

Then the Spirit of the Lord lifted me up. I heard a loud rumbling sound behind me. The sound was made when the glory of the Lord rose up. It was a loud rumbling sound. Then the Spirit lifted me up and took me away. My spirit was bitter. I was very angry. The power of the Lord was on me. Since then, I sat and cried for several days. I was very sad and scared about everything that had happened.

The Lord Has Appointed Me To Warn Everyone
After several days, a message from the Lord came to me again. The Lord said, “My child, I have appointed you as a prophet to warn the people of the earth. So listen to my message. Give them a warning from me. Suppose I say to a sinful person, "You can be sure you will die." And you do not warn them. You do not try to get them to change their evil ways in order to save their lives. Then that sinful person will die because they have sinned. And I will hold you responsible for their death. But suppose you do warn that sinful person. And they do not turn away from their sin or their evil ways. Then they will die because they have sinned. But you will have saved yourself.

“Or suppose a godly person turns away from their godliness and does what is evil. And suppose I put something in their way that will trip them up. Then they will die. Since you did not warn them, they will die for their sins. The godly things that person did will not be remembered. And I will hold you responsible for their death. But suppose you do warn a godly person not to sin. And they do not sin. Then you can be sure that they will live because they listened to your warning. And you will have saved yourself.”

The power of the Lord was on me. He said, “Get up. Go out to the plain. I will speak to you there.” So I got up and went out to the plain. The glory of the Lord was standing there. So I fell with my face toward the ground.

Then the Spirit of the Lord came into me. He raised me to my feet. He said to me, “Go, my child. Shut yourself inside your house. Some people will tie you up with ropes. So you will not be able to go out among your people. I will make your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth. Then you will be silent. You will not be able to correct them. That’s because they always refuse to obey me. But later I will speak to you. I will open your mouth. Then you will tell them, "Here is what the Lord and King says." Those who listen will listen. And those who refuse to listen will refuse. They always refuse to obey me. These people are sinful. They have refused to obey my laws and rules. They have turned their backs on my laws. They have not followed my rules."

The Lord and King continues, “These people have been worse. They have not lived by my rules or kept my laws. They have not even lived up to the standards of the nations. I myself am against them. I will punish them because I am very angry with them. That is because they worship statues of gods. I hate them. They will be put to shame. Others will make fun of them. They will feel the sting of my warning. They will serve as a warning to others. They will be shocked when others see them. I will bring shame on them in the sight of others around them. So, parents will eat their own children. And children will eat their parents. I will punish them. And I will scatter to the winds anyone who is left alive. They have made my temple ‘unclean'. They have set up statues of all their evil gods. They have done other things I hate. So I will cut them off. I will not spare them or feel sorry for them. And that is just as sure as I am alive.”

Announces the Lord and King. "I will shoot at them with my deadly, destroying arrows of hunger. I will shoot to kill. I will bring more and more hunger on them. I will cut off their food supply. I will send hunger and wild animals against them. They will destroy all their children. Plague and murder will sweep over them. And I will send swords to kill them. A third of the people will die of the plague inside their walls. Or they will die of hunger. Another third will be killed by swords outside their walls. And I will scatter the last third of the people to the winds. I will chase them with a sword that is ready to strike them down. Then I will not be angry anymore. My great anger against them will die down. And I will be satisfied. Then they will know that I have spoken with strong feelings. And my great anger toward them will come to an end. I am the Lord."

God Gave Me  A Vision That The End Has Come
A message from the Lord came to me. The Lord said, “My child, I am the Lord and King. I say to the people of the earth, The end has come! It has come on the four corners of the land. The end has now come for all of you. I will pour out my anger. I will judge you based on how you have lived. I will pay you back for how you have lived. I will judge you for all your evil practices. I hate them. I will not feel sorry for you. I will not spare you. You can be sure that I will pay you back for how you have lived. I will judge you for your evil practices. I hate them. You will know that I am the Lord."

“I am the Lord and King", he says, "Horrible trouble is coming! No one has ever heard of anything like it. It is here! The end has come! The end has come! It has stirred itself up against you. It is here! Death has come on you who live in the land."

"The time for you to be destroyed has come. The day when it will happen is near. There is no joy on your mountains. There is nothing but panic. I am about to pour out all my great anger on you. You will know that I am the one who strikes you down. I am the Lord."

The day for me to punish you is here! It is here! Death has arrived. The time is ripe for you to be judged. Your pride has grown so much that you will be destroyed. Your mean and harmful acts have become like a rod. I will use it to punish those who do evil. None of them will be left. None of their wealth or anything of value will remain."

"The time has come! The day has arrived! I will soon pour out my great anger on the whole crowd of you. Do not let the buyer be happy. Do not let the seller be sad. The seller will not get back the land that was sold. That will be true as long as both the buyer and seller are alive."

My child, the vision I gave you about that whole crowd will come true. They have committed many sins. So not one of them will be able to save his/her life. They have blown trumpets. They have made everything ready. But no one will go into battle. I will soon pour out my great anger on the whole crowd. There is trouble everywhere. War is outside the city. Plague and hunger are inside it. Those out in the country will die in battle. Those in the city will be destroyed by hunger and plague. All those who escape and are left alive will run to the mountains. They will sound like doves of the valley when they cry over their sins."

"Their hands will be powerless to help them. Their silver and gold won’t be able to save them on the day I pour out my anger. It will not be able to satisfy their hunger. Their stomachs can’t be filled with it. Their silver and gold have tripped them up. It has made them fall into sin. My people were so proud of their beautiful jewelry. They used it to make statues of their evil gods. I hate those gods. So I will turn their jewelry into an “unclean” thing for them. I will hand over their wealth to outsiders. I will turn it over to sinful people in other countries. They will make it “unclean.” I will turn my face away from my people. Robbers will make “unclean” the temple I love. They will enter it and make it “unclean.”

My child, get ready to put my people in chains. The land is full of murderers. They are harming one another. When terror comes, they will look for peace. But there will not be any. Trouble after trouble will come. One report will follow another. But they will not be true. The people will go searching for a vision from the prophets. But there will not be any. The teaching of the law by the priests will be gone. Advice from the elders will come to an end."

The king will be filled with sadness. All the prince will lose all hope. The hands of the people of the land will tremble. I will punish them based on how they have lived. I will judge them by their own standards. Then they will know that I am the Lord."

The Lord had appointed me to watch and warn the wicked. I am not only to encourage and comfort those who appear to be righteous, but they are to be warned also, for many have grown high-minded and secure, have fallen, and even died in their sins. Surely then the hearers of the gospel should desire warnings, and even reproofs.

Watch This Video! This Is What God Told Me To Build
And What Is Going To Happen!
1 Chronicles 28:10
The LORD has chosen you to build a temple for worshiping him. Be confident and do the work you have been assigned.
(Ezekiel 40-47)
(Ezekiel 47 Commentary)

These waters signify the gospel of Christ, which went forth from Jerusalem, and spread into the countries about; also the gifts and powers of the Holy Ghost which accompanied it, by virtue of which is spread far, and produced blessed effects. Christ is the Temple; and he is the Door; from him the living waters flow, out of his pierced side. They are increasing waters. Observe the progress of the gospel in the world, and the process of the work of grace in the heart; attend the motions of the blessed Spirit under Divine guidance. If we search into the things of God, we find some things plain and easy to be understood, as the waters that were but to the ankles; others more difficult, which require a deeper search, as the waters to the knees, or the loins; and some quite beyond our reach, which we cannot penetrate; but must, as St. Paul did, adore the depth, ( Romans 11 ) . It is wisdom to begin with that which is most easy, before we proceed to that which is dark and hard to be understood. The promises of the sacred word, and the privileges of believers, as shed abroad in their souls by the quickening Spirit, abound where the gospel is preached; they nourish and delight the souls of men; they never fade nor wither, nor are exhausted. Even the leaves serve as medicines to the soul: the warnings and reproofs of the word, though less pleasant than Divine consolations, tend to heal the diseases of the soul. All who believe in Christ, and are united to him by his sanctifying Spirit, will share the privileges
of Israelites. There is room in the church, and in heaven, for all who seek the blessings
of that new covenant of which Christ is Mediator.
Hebrews 11

The Great Faith of God’s People
1 Faith makes us sure of what we hope for and gives us proof of what we cannot see. 2 It was their faith that made our ancestors pleasing to God.

3 Because of our faith, we know that the world was made at God’s command. We also know that what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen.

4 Because Abel had faith, he offered God a better sacrifice than Cain did. God was pleased with him and his gift, and even though Abel is now dead, his faith still speaks for him.

5 Enoch had faith and did not die. He pleased God, and God took him up to heaven. That’s why his body was never found. 6 But without faith no one can please God. We must believe that God is real and that he rewards everyone who searches for him.

7 Because Noah had faith, he was warned about something that had not yet happened. He obeyed and built a boat that saved him and his family. In this way the people of the world were judged, and Noah was given the blessings that come to everyone who pleases God.

8 Abraham had faith and obeyed God. He was told to go to the land that God had said would be his, and he left for a country he had never seen. 9 Because Abraham had faith, he lived as a stranger in the promised land. He lived there in a tent, and so did Isaac and Jacob, who were later given the same promise. 10 Abraham did this, because he was waiting for the eternal city that God had planned and built.
The Mystery of the Temple in Ezekiel 40-48 Revealed
1 Timothy 3:16
And great, we confess, is the mystery [the hidden truth] of godliness: He (Jesus Christ) who was revealed in human flesh, Was justified and vindicated in the Spirit, Seen by angels, Preached among the nations, Believed on in the world, Taken up in glory.
THEY ARE HAPPENING!!! - MYSTICA (Sept. 19, 2015)
The Lord Will Gather His Obedient People
The Lord and King says, “I will gather you from the nations. I will bring you back from the countries where you have been scattered. I will give you back your land."

So tell the people, ‘The Lord and King speaks.' He says, “People of the world, I will not take action for your benefit. Instead, I will act for the honor of my holy name. You have treated it as if it were not holy. You did it everywhere you went among the nations. But I will show everyone how holy my great name is. You have treated it as if it were not holy. So I will use you to prove to the nations how holy I am. Then they will know that I am the Lord,” announces the Lord and King.

"I will sprinkle pure water on you. Then you will be ‘clean.’ I will make you completely pure and ‘clean.’ I will take all the statues of your gods away from you. You will remove all your statues of evil gods. I hate those gods. I will give you hearts that are completely committed to me. I will give you a new spirit that is faithful to me. I will remove your stubborn hearts from you. And I will give you hearts that obey me. I will make you pure from all your sins. I will put my Spirit in you. I will make you want to obey my rules. I want you to be careful to keep my laws. Then you will live in the land I gave your people of long ago. You will be my people. And I will be your God."

"I will save you from all your ‘uncleanness.’ I will give you plenty of grain. You will have more than enough. So you will never be hungry again. I will multiply the fruit on your trees.
I will increase the crops in your fields."

"On that day I will give you homes in your towns again. Your broken-down houses will be rebuilt. The dry and empty land will be farmed again. It will no longer be empty. It will be like the Garden of Eden. I will plant the fields that were once empty. I have spoken. And I will do this. I am the Lord.”

The Lord and King says, “I will answer prayers. Here is what I will do for you. I will multiply you as if you were sheep. The destroyed cities will be filled with flocks of people. I will put my temple among them forever. I will live with them. I will be their God. And they will be my people. My temple will be among them forever. Then the nations will know that I make my temple holy. I am the Lord.”

Then the glory of the Lord went up from the city. The Spirit of God lifted me up. He took me everywhere up the hills. Until he set me on a very high mountain and showed me a glimpse and a vision what he wanted me to accomplish. And I realized I was at the gateway to a new temple. These are the things that happened in the visions the Spirit gave me.

Then the visions I had seen were gone. Now, I am telling all the people everything the Lord had shown me.

The Mystical Temple In Ezekiel's Vision!

Ezekiel 47:1
Then he brought me back to the door of the temple; and behold, water was issuing from below the threshold of the temple toward the east (for the temple faced east); and the water was flowing down from below the south end of the threshold of the temple, south of the altar.

In John 7:38, Jesus declares, “He who believes in Me, as the scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water.”  The strange thing about this passage is that there is no direct quote in the Old Testament that declares this.  So why does Jesus say that “the scripture has said” it?  The clue comes in John’s other book, Revelation.  There, John has a vision of a heavenly temple just as, 600 years before, Ezekiel had seen a vision of a new temple.  In that vision, John tells us that he saw “the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb through the middle of the street of the city” (Rv 22:1-2).  In short, John is telling us that Ezekiel’s temple vision was not of a big stone building, but of the Heavenly Temple which is the Church, the Body of Christ.  The water of the Spirit which flowed from the threshold of the temple in Ezekiel’s vision is the living water of the Spirit Jesus promised.  And that water is found in none other than the baptismal font of your local parish.  The mysteries of the Apocalypse are a lot closer than you think!
By: Johnny Rogers

For rational Biblical critics, who only look at the sense of the letter, the vision of Ezekiel's temple is probably regarded as a failure, a product of wishful thinking on the part of Ezekiel who lived during the destruction of Solomon's temple. Scripture, which reveals eternal spiritual truths, is written in this way at this time because it was a form the Jews at the time were willing to accept and receive. There are Jews today who still don't understand the meaning of this vision and hope to rebuild the temple. But for those who understand the spiritual sense of scripture, everything in this vision is symbolic, including the measurements. This is explained in detail in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, and the explanation can even be extended to the detailed measurements of the temple:

"Things which are interior in the spiritual world are described, in the Word, by things that are higher, and those which are exterior by things that are lower; for man in the world does not apprehend interior and exterior things in any other manner, because he is in space and time; and the things of space and time have entered into the ideas of his thought, and have given color to most of them. From this also it is manifest that terms relating to measure, which are limitations of space, as heights, lengths, and breadths, are in the spiritual sense those which determine the states of affections for good and affections for truth." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 4484.2)

Those who have studied numerology seek the symbolism of different numbers, and these are spelled out in detail in the writings of Swedenborg. Each number meaning can also be modified by its context or predicate, and whether it is talking about height, width or breadth. Some have noted a similarity between Ezekiel's vision of the temple and the measurements of the New Jerusalem at the end of the book of Revelation, which is likewise given symbolic measurements:

"That measure signifies the state of a thing as to truth, and also the state of a thing as to good, is plain from passages in the Word that give the measurements of the new Jerusalem, and also of the new temple. By the new or the holy Jerusalem is signified the new church of the Lord, in like manner by the temple; wherefore by their measurements are signified states as to truth and as to good — as in John: The angel had a golden reed to measure the holy Jerusalem, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof . . . and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. . . . And he measured the wall thereof, a hundred forty and four cubits, which is the measure of a man, that is, of an angel (Apoc. xxi. 15-17). That the measurements here signify states as to good and truth, is very manifest, for the holy Jerusalem is the new church of the Lord, and the gates and the wall are the protecting truths of faith; twelve thousand mean all truths and goods in the complex; likewise a hundred forty and four (n. 7973), for this number signifies the same with the number twelve, because it arises from twelve multiplied into twelve; that twelve means all truths and goods in the complex, has been already shown..." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 9603.2)
Swedenborg continues, and specifically mentions the measurements given in Ezekiel's temple:
"Also in Ezekiel, where a man who had a measuring reed measured the houses of the new city, and also the temple, as to the outer walls, the inner walls, the gates, the foundations, the thresholds, the windows, the steps (xl.-xlii.). Unless these measurements signified the states of the subject in respect to truth and good, such things would never have been mentioned." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 9603.3)

EVERY SINGLE MEASUREMENT of Ezekiel's temple has a spiritual significance, down to the very number:
"He who does not know that numbers in the Word involve things, cannot conceive otherwise than that where the tabernacle, the temple of Solomon, and afterward a new house and a new temple and a new earth are described in Ezekiel, the measurements and the numbers signify nothing of reality, and therefore nothing of sanctity; when yet in the Word there is no syllable that is vain. Let him who has intelligence consider the measurements and numbers in Ezekiel (xl.-xlviii.) and the measurements and numbers in the Apocalypse (xxi.), where also it is said that the angel measured the wall of the new Jerusalem a hundred forty and four cubits, and that the measure of a man, that is, of an angel (verse 17); also in another passage: He who hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred and sixty and six (Apoc. xiii. 18); besides in many passages elsewhere. That all numbers in the Word signify things, may be seen above (n. 482, 487, 575, 647, 648, 755, 813, 1963, 1988, 2075, 2252, 3252, 4264, 4495, 4670, 5265, 5291, 5335, 5708, 6175, 7973), as also where it has been shown what is signified by some numbers in particular."
It would take quite a bit to go through every single measurement of the temple. For some clues, see Spiritual Meaning of Numbers, or Numerology. Some of this ancient knowledge survives to this day with the superstition regarding "unlucky" number 13 - see Spiritual Numerology - Unlucky Number Thirteen (13). If one really wants to dive into it, I can recommend Heavenly Arcana, a massive multi-volume work of Swedenborg, which comes complete with an index to every topic:

The work is also part of another massive publication, The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem: Expanded Edition, for those of you who want all the published theological works of Swedenborg together in one hyperlinked work (see The complete works of Emanuel Swedenborg. However, I raised several interesting problems with the vision of Ezekiel's temple, what are the answers? For the true answers, one must think more spiritually, but here they are:


Just as there are 12 tribes of Israel in the Old Testament, so there are 12 apostles of Jesus, and 24 (12 x 2) elders on thrones in the book of Revelation. The true 12 tribes of Israel, simply put, are all those who belong to God's spiritual kingdom of heaven. However, its not one homogenous groups, there are what one may say 12 basic personality types, who are in different levels of understanding and spiritual development. For example, the 12 tribes were divided into the kingdom of Judah in the south, and the 10 tribes of Israel toward the north. The spiritual meaning behind this: those of Judah represent those who are primarily in love and service from doing by the will, whereas those of Israel are those who act from the truth that they know. Those who act from love first, from which they know the truth, are in a higher spiritual state that those who first study the truth, then act from what they know. Knowing the truth is the first step, acting according to it is the second step. But at a certain spiritual state priority changes: one acts and from that they know. There are different levels of development, and ultimately all states can be described by the 12 tribes of Israel or the 12 apostles.


One must first understand that the 12 tribes of Israel spiritually signify all those who belong to God's spiritual kingdom to answer this one. The tribe of Levi was given the priesthood, as Levi and the priesthood symbolizes love and charity, for it is only through love and service that one can spiritually worship God:

"The priesthood was given to this tribe because it represented and thence signified love and charity. Love and charity are the spiritual affection of good and truth; since affection is predicated of love in its continuity, for affection is the continuation of love. This, too, is what the priesthood and its ministry signify in the Word, for this affection is the essential of the church, for where it is there the church is, and where it is not there the church is not; for the affection of good and truth is the very spiritual life of man, and when man is affected by good and truth he is in good and truth in respect to his life, and his thought itself is nothing but affection in a different form, for whatever a man thinks he derives from affection; no one can think without affection. This is why the tribe of Levi was appointed to the priesthood. The like is said of the Levites in Ezekiel, where a new land, a new city, and a new temple are treated of (xl. 46; xliii. 19; xliv. 15; xlviii. 11, 12)." (Apocalypse Explained, n. 444.3)

So don't expect a restoration of the Jewish priesthood. Not happening. If it does, it will not be good for the Jews in Israel. Thus there is a warning in Ezekiel's vision that none of the Levitical priests can serve in the temple, but only the sons of Zadok. It is said that the Levites in general are not allowed to serve since they had misled the Jews in serving idols, so any attempt to do this would be a falsified worship. Zadok was the priest who served during the time of King David, who himself in scripture represents the Lord as King, or Divine Truth. Zadok, as priest, represents his Divine Love.

There will be no restoration of animal sacrifices, If it happens, it will be degraded and profane sort of worship. Each of the animals that were sacrifices signified something different spiritually, and they primarily represent the worship of the Divine Human of the Lord, either as to love or as to truth:

"As rams signified the Divine spiritual of the Lord's Divine Human, as also the spiritual things with man, therefore where the new temple and New Jerusalem, that is, the Lord's spiritual kingdom, is spoken of, it is said in Ezekiel, when they had made an end of cleansing the altar there, they were to offer a bullock for a sin-offering, and a ram for a burnt-offering, and were to offer the goat of the sin offering every day for seven days, and a bullock and a ram (xliii. 23-25). And that on this day the prince should prepare the bullock of the sin-offering for all the people, and on the seven days of the feast seven bullocks, and seven rams, with the bread-offering, for a burnt-offering (xlv. 22-24); and on the day of the sabbath he should prepare six lambs
and a ram (xlvi. 4, 6).

"That by the new temple and the New Jerusalem in the universal sense the Lord's kingdom is signified, may be seen above (n. 402, 940); in particular the New Church (n. 2117). That there are not burnt-offerings and sacrifices there, may be known to every one. Hence it is manifest that by them are signified the celestial things of love, and the spiritual things of faith; for these are of the Lord's kingdom; and thus such things are here signified by bullocks, rams, and lambs. That bullocks and rams signify spiritual things is evident from the several particulars in the internal sense; in general from this, that by the new temple and the New Jerusalem the Lord's spiritual kingdom is specially signified, but by Zion the celestial kingdom."
(Heavenly Arcana, n. 2830.4-5)

As for the particular symbolism of each animal, yes, Swedenborg goes through verse after verse even to the detail of each specific animal. For in ancient times, different animals represented different aspects of the human psyche. They didn't have any complicated psychological terminology, but instead used animals for their terminology. This symbolic representation was extended to the rituals of the animal sacrifices among the Jews.


Whereas the priesthood was representative of Divine love, and service through doing, kings and princes represent Divine truths. A "prince" represents a primary truth, a "son" derivative truths after that. The prince here, a descendant of David, represents the primary truth of Christianity: that the Lord made his human Divine. Thus only the prince is allowed to approach and eat bread, the bread signifying the body of the Lord which was made Divine. The reason why this is a primary truth, is that Jehovah took on a human body and subdued all of hell by resisting temptation in the human body, until the body itself was made Divine. The Lord continues to act in this manner when everyone resists sin through repentance and becomes
spiritually regenerated.


A similar river appears in the New Jerusalem at the end of the book of Revelation. This is the dead give away that this vision cannot be treated literally. Water cleanses, and rivers of water represent spiritual truths that cleanses oneself from sin - for it is only from knowing the truth that one has been taught, and that one accepts, by which evil can be combatted. For if one justifies evil through falsehood, it cannot be resisted. It is truth, and acting upon it, is what gives one true spiritual power, and power is most evident when one resists sin to cleanse oneself.


The plan of Ezekiel's temple is very detailed. I think it was put in because scripture never recorded all the measurements of King Solomon's temple. We do have the measurements of the tabernacle of Moses, and Swedenborg covers that in detail as well. Here is a plan of Ezekiel's temple:
There is the outer court, the inner court, the nave, and the inner room. These different areas, from outer to inner, represent different phases of spiritual development. The "gates" that one must pass through represent introductory truths: for without knowledge of the truth, one cannot take the first step in one's spiritual progression. At the inner court, one reaches the altar, and this is where the animals were sacrificed. So what does the altar represent? Here, one must sacrifice one's lower animal selfish desires, in favor of spiritual life (the blood). One's spiritual life must become separated from one's lower nature: this is the spiritual reason why the blood was drained from the animal before it was sacrificed and burned. Thus it is written, I desire mercy, not sacrifice.
(Ps. 50:9-15)
I will take no bullock from your house,
Nor he goats from your folds.
For every animal of the forest is Mine,
And the beasts upon a thousand mountains.
I know all the fowls of the mountains,
And the wild beasts of the field are with Me.
If I were hungry, I would not say it to you,
For the world is Mine, and the fulness thereof.
Will I eat the flesh of strong bulls,
And drink the blood of goats?
Sacrifice unto God confession,
And pay your vows to the Most High,
And call upon Me in the day of adversity:
I will rescue you, and you shall honour Me.

Jeremiah 23:23
“Am I only a God nearby,” declares the Lord, “and not a God far away? 24 Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them?” declares the Lord. “Do not I fill heaven and earth?” declares the Lord.